Pelolia was created by me, Rebeca Lovato.

I was born and raised in Brazil and graduated with a degree in fashion. I worked and designed for some brands in Brazil, but didn't know where I fit in until I fell in love with children's wear. I got married and moved to England and with a big push from my husband I started designing and sewing some children's clothes; Pelolia was born.

'Pelolia' was my sister's pet name when she was a child. It does not mean anything, even in Portuguese but is a word that is very close to my heart.

I wanted to make something different but beautiful. Almost one of a kind. Look out for the details, every single one is carefully placed to make you smile. My fabric is sourced from all around the world and sometimes they can run out, please keep this in mind to avoid disappointment. Although all of my clothes are made with a lot of care, they are meant to be worn over and over again. Every day is a special occasion!